A respected realtor highly recommended RE/MAX, she said it was worth it 100%. So, I met with RE/MAX Crest Realty and immediately realized, she was right. The value and quality of education and the professionalism in the leadership was paramount. Business has improved remarkable since joining RE/MAX. Being with the leader in the industry is reflected even in the responses from clients. Switching to RE/MAX was the best decision for my real estate career, still grateful today for that recommendation.

— Anna Smith, RE/MAX Crest South Granville

We have a slick operation that is recognized in my own day to day business, by other REALTORS® and consumers alike and I’m proud to be a part of it. The like minded people the company has attracted has resulted in friendships that I really enjoy.

— Dominic Downer, RE/MAX Crest Westside

Our Manager has been a great Managing Broker for years. He is knowledgeable in all areas of real estate and has helped many associates in the past. He holds firm to what he believes to be right and has never guided any associates in the wrong way.

— Jim Young, RE/MAX Crest Burnaby

Choosing RE/MAX was the best decision for my real estate career. Surrounding myself with some of the top realtors in the city helped push me to the next level in my business. The support and training with RE/MAX is the best you will find in the industry! Our Managing Broker, Godfrey, is quick with responses and is always one call away when you need his support.

— Milton Chan, RE/MAX Crest Richmond

I have been in this business and with RE/MAX exclusively now for 10 years. I have been instructing for the BCREA for many years and have always since day ONE been an award winning agent. So, you think that I’m pretty self sufficient…NOT. Whether you are starting out or have been in the business for years you need to have the sage advice and leadership of a Managing Broker… Our manager always makes the time to discuss whether face to face or over the phone any issue that arises.

— Helen Grant, RE/MAX Crest North Vancouver

I think the thing that sets RE/MAX apart is the amount each office invests in its new Agents. Real Estate can be nerve wracking but having such excellent training and support through amazing Managing Brokers and mentors has made my transition to this business smooth and encouraging. You’re never alone. If you want a leg up when you get into real estate you need to be with RE/MAX.

— Jacquie McCarnan, RE/MAX Masters


RE/MAX Crest | Masters Realty is an award-winning group with 6 RE/MAX franchises serving the Greater Vancouver area with offices in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

RE/MAX Crest | Masters is a group of 6 RE/MAX offices. We honour our proud history, pioneering vision and innovative thinking as we embrace a strong future as the recognized leaders in our industry, both locally and globally.

Built on a foundation of trust, diversity and purposeful growth, we strive to provide an environment that fosters lasting relationships, collaboration over competition, and inspires thoughtful and engaging service tailored to your business and its success.

By providing the best in terms of location, services and support, we commit to nurturing a culture of prosperity, happiness and life balance that has attracted an elite membership of the very best in the industry to our group.

As a proud member of the world’s leading real estate organization, we promise to exceed expectations and deliver on our global reputation, ensuring that the RE/MAX Brand, our group of offices and our associates remain highly trusted and respected in the industry. Our 550+ associates are outstanding agents and this is an outstanding result!

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